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The man has three posts, all of them calling everyone that doesn't agree with his lack of experience names. I'm being civil, defending ones self is being civil and his concern for peoples impact on others is valid.

I'm concerned that every breath this guy takes STEALS needed oxygen from the poor little children in Afreeka with the holy mother and the saints. He should consider breathing less. Puffin ones chest with false claims and ignorance is, ignorant.

Enlightenment would be the fact that people have been riding on Car Tires for years. I know people that had no choice as back in the day they had no access to motorcycle tires and ran car tires front and back. And those were the old, hard, square bias tires of old. There is no history of damages because of Car tires. There is a great history and current occurrence of damage caused by Sport Bikes, and drunken bikers.

Concentrate on things that actually hurt, kill and maim people before attacking those that do not.
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I said my piece on Darkside Riding. And have no further comment on it. My purpose was to make anyone considering this trend, to understand the potential legal and insurance consequences.
I expected that present darkside riders would disagree with me. I would expect the same if I were to try to tell members in States with no helmet law that they should wear a helmet. I knew that no amount of argument against darkside riding would change the mind of those who are already into it.
I have made no false claims. Just because someone has done something for years and hasn't crashed or been caught, does not make it legal.
I am not a hard-core biker, because I believe in following established safety standards, and Highway Traffic Laws.
I ride with an International Motorcycle Riding Club, that here in Canada has banned Darkside members in certain chapters, and I am pushing for the national ban.
So if you wish to continue riding with your car tires, or if you want to put a skateboard on the front with zip ties, and a tractor tire on the rear, be my guest. Just be aware that I am also opposed to this from both a safety, and a legal standpoint.
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You sound like my grandma,"You'll do as I say,period".

"I have made no false claims."

Let's see,"Unless you are driving a drag bike on a drag strip, you are putting everyone around you and yourself in serious risk."

NOT true.

When laying into a corner on a motorcycle tire the tire rolls properly onto the sidewall which is designed to stick to the road, and maintains a contact patch with the road the same size as when it is running straight.

NOT true.
A MC tire DOES NOT roll onto the sidewall.
Also NOT TRUE,the contact patch DOES NOT remain the same.

A Car tire must tip onto it's edge where the contact patch with the road immediately reduces from 10 or 11 inches to about an inch of contact patch. Contact patch is the spot that is touching the road at any given time.

The rear CAR TIRE on my bikes NEVER go to the sidewall AND if you look at the bike from the side instead of the back there is a HUGE contact patch.

You are BANNING people from making a personal choice ?

Who would want to ride with a snob like you anyway ?

I think we should ban whatever religion you belong to.
You are one SICK puppy.

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Ok, I admit to one minor mis wording. A motorcycle does not ride on its sidewall, it has a curved surface designed to contact the road when the bike is upright and when it is in a lean. And yes the contact patch is exactly the same size in the lean as it is on the flat, unless you are running your tires too soft.

And the car tire does not technically run on the sidewall, in a lean it runs on the edge of the tire in a spot that is not designed to be the sole contact with the road. In fact under normal tire inflation, while in a lean on a car tire, the part of the tire that is contacting the road surface is NOT designed to contact the road at all. The tread in this area is to disperse water and to provide traction in deeper snow or soil.

And yes the contact patch is reduced many times from the flat to the edge.

Also I am not banning anyone from doing anything. I am posting facts so others are provided with all the tools to appropriately make their own decisions. I personally do not care what anyone else does when they are riding by themselves. I merely stated that I won't ride with them or belong to any group who would allow them to be a member.

Note to the administrators and moderators: I am not the one who is personally naming anyone and calling names like a five year old. I am stating facts and being verbally abused by those who disagree.

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Wink Facts ?

Those aren't "facts".

I'm a rider,not a politician.

I'm not going to continue this discussion,......ay.

Go have a molson.

Ride safe & often.


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Originally Posted by motorcyclepath View Post
Just be aware that I am also opposed to this from both a safety, and a legal standpoint.

Well then, if you should choose enlightenment instead of just speaking your piece like we all should friggin care. In my state, with my insurance and with solid information and track record, DOT car tires on motorcycles are legal, accepted by my insurance (and all the others we've called and gotten letters from) and they exceed the capabilities of the motorcycle tire that was on there(butt on the bike tested on turns I really shouldn't have been making). You might as well be telling everyone that the world is flat and no amount of evidence or even stickin your butt in space will convince you otherwise.

You sir are wrong. It's your right. You've come to a thread where someone was asking questions and you have given no answers. Instead you've beat your chest, told everyone that would listen that you were right and everyone else was a retard and then restated the fact that no amount of evidence could convince you otherwise.

Enjoy your illusion of grandeur.
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