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trikebubble 11-13-2008 10:20 PM

When is a VW not a VW....?
...when it's a Routan mini-van.......made by Chrysler!

I'm always keeping an eye on the newest minivans on the market (the nature of my business demands I drive the evil minivan), and while we were in Vancouver last weekend we stopped by the Vee-Dub dealership to look at the new WV Routan.

From a distance something looked awfully familiar to the newest piece of "German Engineering" and our suspicions were confirmed when we opened the drivers door and looked for the Manufacturer's label. yup! Made by Chrysler. Aside from the big WV logo on the grille, you couldn't find a German word anywhere on it, especially on the motor. My buddy, who has rented the new Chrysler pos minivan, says the interior looks identical....right down to the stupid shifter on the dash.

Too bad really, I was hoping for a minivan with a turbo-diesel or something. It looks like the Astrovan is going to have to just keep on ticking...........which it honestly seems to be doing with no problems (...knock on wood...) at all.

ispeed77 11-13-2008 11:25 PM

bummer Carlo

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