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TWP TWPT oilless bronze plate, 10mm thickness wear pad

Overall Construction and Design of Bearing
Generally, components, general-purpose mechanisms,TWP TWPT oilless bronze plate, 10mm thickness wear pad, and functional elements are constructed. Thus, the overall structure design methods and principles, and general mechanical design methods and principles are fundamentally the opposite. However, due to its utility and function.
With the object even if the metal and non-metallic materials, processed into MPTZ flange-type oil-free bush form of qualified parts (pieces, plastic parts, forgings, etc.), and each can only be used for forming a specific processing Of the parts, common strong, is a common forming tool. Therefore, the bearing design has the following characteristics and requirements:

Precision and positioning

Accuracy concept and understanding, is the bearing design must establish the oil groove ditch the basic concepts and understanding. Accuracy of the bearing housing, including the overall combination of bearing and zero, the status of parts and dimensions accuracy, with precision and positioning accuracy. Such as the die blanking gap value and its uniformity, plastic injection mold, die-casting mold of the mold positioning and orientation accuracy, etc., are required by the punch arm copper sleeve and die shape, position accuracy, oriented installation Position and cooperation with precision assurance.

Therefore, in the bearing design to be required to stop severe dimensional accuracy of the design and calculation. At the same time, we must also consider the zero, the parts of the manufacturing process and process precision, in order to ensure the fine function and reliability of the bearing.

As the use of fine manufacturing process technology, forming the size of the task parts have been able to do # # # #! $ $ Level, the title of "#" error concept.

Guide mounting of SWPB Bimetal Bushing,bearing housings

Bearing the direction of movement direction, is guided by the installation to ensure. At the same time, guided installation of the bearing clearance on the average, accurate mold movement also play a role in positioning. Guide installation guide commonly used, guide post and guide sleeve composed of guide installation (including sliding and rolling with); guide guide installation (including ordinary guide plate and self-smooth guide plate vice), mainly used for large dies, slide and guide Of the inclined core-oriented; die feeding guide plate guide four.

Bearing the direction of the installation of the direction of movement, as a result of fine-oriented precision positioning and role, it requires high precision, good guide stiffness, and so often used orientation-oriented.

Stripping, unloading and core pulling design

Plastic injection mold, die-casting mold of the demolding structure and mechanism design, die discharge structure and mechanism design, and core-pulling mechanism design, bearing the whole design is the key technology.

Plastic injection molds,precision bearing, die-casting mold of the mold, usually used in the design of mold surface stripping slope, while the top set in the fixed-set institutions. Parts of the top-piece mechanism have been standardized.
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