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I would not discount the NT700V from Honda too quickly. I picked one up from a Kawasaki/Honda dealer that I know, and it has been amazing.

I did my post break-in valve adjustment at 2,500 miles and then checked them again at 8,000 and they were spot on after the initial break-in period. They are simple to adjust, old time Honda screw adjusters.

It is intuitive to ride, and in my opinion is a street refined revision of the Honda Transalp. Really a long overdue type of bike for riders like me that want to cover 1,500 miles in a week, but not have to fight poor fuel economy and tons of extra weight.

The luggage and rear fender unit looks a bit scooterish, but ten minutes with a sawsall and grinder fixed the wart appearance and it now looks decent.

The addition of a travel trunk and it is hard to beat for just jumping on and hauling out a couple hundred miles in a day with no problem at all.

Fuel mileage for me is right at 53 mpg highway, and I seldom ride over 65 mph anymore, and do not do any full squirt throttle takeoffs. Town riding is in the high 30's to low 40's.

I ride with friends that have the Concours and the big brother to this Honda, and they all made fun of the baby NT700V, until they rode it for a while. Now they are trying to find buyers for their bikes and are going to switch.
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