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General forum rules

Greetings and welcome to the Forum

This is a privately owned and operated forum, open to public participation. The content contained in this privately owned Forum is a direct reflection upon its owner, all forum content is closely monitored to insure it meets our high standards for this online community.

We are glad to have you as part of the Big Jimmy family! Our hope is that you will enjoy this forum designed for motorcycle enthusiasts, regardless of what type of motorcycle or ATV you have.

There are some very basic rules members here must understand, and you can expect the Spamcops, Moderators, Administrators, and Owner of this Forum to enforce those rules to keep this a family-friendly and fun place to share constructive ideas, experiences and the camaraderie of riding.

We are all passionate about our sport and lifestyle, with this being said, disagreements can, and often do, happen. If you disagree with something, we expect members to keep thier responses civil or not post thier thoughts at all. Members can, and should, choose to ignore an individual or a thread if they desire, rather than engage in retaliation/escalation. Keep in mind that any post you make, or thread you start will be available to all who have internet access ... don't post anything you would be ashamed to have your mother or children read.

Family Friendly:

This forum has numerous members who have young people in the home and we have several members who are well under 18 years of age; therefore the content of posts must be suitable for young people. Inappropriate posts will be deleted or edited without notice.

Cultural Diversity:

We, here at Big Jimmy's enjoy having members from all parts of the world, and pride ourselves in our cultural diversity. Since we have members of all different races, nationalities, religions, gender and sexual orientation we must be tolerant of that diversity, and vigilant not to offend anyone. This also includes political beliefs.

Simple Rules:

The language used here must be suitable for people of all ages! Keep the cussing out of here or we will delete the post and/or your priviledges.

Images and Avatars must be of good taste, and not be offensive or suggestive. Keep the thong, nude, and practically nude photographs out of this Forum. Giggle at your politically sensitive cartoons on your own computer ... don't share them here.

No flaming (verbal/written attacks)... if you can't be civil or post a message that isn't offensive ... go someplace else! If you don't like christians, muslims, republicans, democrats, Harley Davidson, you're neighborhood motorcycle dealer, etc ... ect, keep your dislike to yourself, it doesn’t belong here.

Business oriented members need to get permission from the Forum owner (Big Jimmy) before making business related posts (advertising). Trying to sneak something into the posts, signature lines or anyplace else will just get that stuff deleted.

If you are looking for this forum to be your pickup bar ... You are looking for love in all the wrong places, and this is the wrong place for it.

In America we enjoy the Right to Free Speech, and it is something we cherish, but one must keep in mind that this is a privately owned Forum, and Big Jimmy sets the standards as to what is acceptable in any thread or post. We (the staff) will undertake whatever measures necessary, to deal with any post or thread, deemed offensive in nature, at any time.

Should a potential member find they cannot agree with these rules, they should refrain from posting or becoming involved with our community. Please understand that the staff does not enjoy banning members, or removing thier access to posts, so please play by the rules and enjoy the Forum.
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